Allen, Stan: Mapping the Unmappable on notation; Appadurai, Arjun: Disjuncture & DifferenceThe Production of Locality; Asgedom, Araya: The Unsounded Space

Baldwind, James: Sonny’s Blues; Benjamin,Walter: The Storyteller; Blight, David W: Race and Reunion; Bruno, Giuliana: A Geography of the Moving ImageAtlas of Emotion

Cadava, Edwardo: The Guano of History; Careri, Francesco: antiwalkland walk; Caruth, Cathy: Literature and the Enactment of MemoryUnclaimed Experience Introduction The Wound and the Voice

Davis, Angela: Radicalized Punishment and Prison Abolition; De Certeau, Michel: Spatial StoriesStory TimeMaking Do: Uses and TacticsWalking in the CityThe Practice of Everyday Life General Introduction; Deleuze, Gilles: Deleuze on Bacon; Deleuze, Gilles & Guattari, Felix: A Thousand PlateausPercept, Affect, and ConceptPostulates of LinguisticsRhizome IntroductionWhat is a Concept?Frame and Shot [extract]Becoming Human, Becoming Animal, Democracy; Douglis, Evan: Autogenic Structures (Excerpt 1)Autopoietics of Education

Eglash, Ron: African Fractals (Introduction)

F Fanon, Frantz: Black Skin,White Masks; Foucault, Michel: PanopticismThe Author FunctionThe Prose of the WorldLas MeninasWhat is an Author?The Body of the CondemnedThe Order of Things; Felman, Shoshana: Education an Crisis, or the Vicissitudes of TeachingThe Return of the Voice Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah

G Gans + Jelacic Arhcitecture: Displacement: The Realpolitik of UtopiaGoffman, Irving: Performances fromThe Presentation of Self in Everyday Life; Grant, Bradford: Accommodation, Resistance, and Appropriation in African-American Building

Henry Box Brown: Narrative of the life of Henry Box Brown; Hooks, Bell: Engage Pedagogy Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination

Lepore, Jill: New York Burning

Marx, Leo: Sleepy Hollow from The Machine in the GardenMcClaren, Norman; McPherson, James M.: This Mighty Scourge; Moten, Fred: Resistance of the Object: Aunt Hester’s ScreamIn the Break

Nye, David E: American Technological Sublime

Ponte, Alessandra: Maps and Territories

Reynolds, David S.: John Brown Abolitionist

Scarry, Elaine: The Interior Structure of the Artifact; Sebald, WG: Austerlitz (excerpt); Smithson, Robert: A Tour of the Monuments; Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty: Harlem; Stoner, Jill: Toward A Minor Architecture

Woodward, Vann C: Mary Chesnut’s Civil War

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